Sveti Johann – old church school becomes Bulgaria’s first biodiversity museum

Kovacevica is a popular town for tourism in Bulgaria that is placed under monumental protection. Besides the renovated buildings, however, the place has not much to offer to its visitors. The local church Sveti Johann is closed and the associated school is about to collapse. Now, the community wants to transform its historical gem to Bulgaria’s first biodiversity museum. A total of 18.000 Euro is needed for necessary material and the exhibition.

In the 18th century, the town’s orthodox priest educated students in the small building. Today, the church grounds are mostly closed and the building associated with the school is in danger of collapsing. The people of the town want to save the church school in collaboration with a project of the educational centre for young conservationist.

According to the mayor Kiril Shuglev who asked BIGENT UG for support of the town’s project: “It is important to get to know the meaning of the term biodiversity, not only for the visitors, but for all people. With this museum, we want to bring the beauty of creation to everybody. “

Raised: 5 of 18.000 Euro

What is needed:

  • 10 000 Euro for material to reconstruct the building

  • 8000 Euro for a multimedia exhibit about biodiversity