Jutta Schwengsbier

Project manager Jutta Schwengsbier studied Political Science, History, and Law at the University of Freiburg and Hamburg. She specialized at the broadcasting school in Nuremberg in media relations and broadcasting. Since then, she has worked with the BBC and the German broadcasting station N-TV and has been a frequent correspondent for broadcasting station ARD, Austrian broadcasts and Swiss broadcasting station SRF.

Besides her work as a journalist, she has been involved in numerous humanitarian projects in Africa and is a well-known expert in the South Sudan conflict. For her feature “40 Jahre Krieg im Sudan” (“40 year war in Sudan”) shown at “Deutschlandradio Kultur”, she was recognized with the tolerance award by the international federation of Journalists. After her studies in Entrepreneurship at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as well as State University Wichita in the U.S., she built the first working hospital in the Upper Nil Region, Palouge.