About us

How do you get to help others? Everyone has their own answer to this question. In our case, it was our job and duty to make a difference. As journalists and founders of Bigent UG, we visited many critical areas around the world. Jutta Schwengsbier worked in the South Sudan region, an area marked by a civil war lasting for over 50 years. Mirko Schwanitz served in parts of Eastern and South-East Europe.

Health Facility in South Sudan

How long can you just stand and watch thousands of people dying in a civil war such as the one in South Sudan? Is it just enough to report about the thousands of children living in poor conditions, hunger, and need? And is it even possible, as a journalist, to stay unbiased when supporting one side? A journalist named Rupter Neudeck, founder of the humanitarian organisation “Anamur“ and “Grünhelme“, proved this to be possible. Just like Rupter Neudeck, we have dedicated our time volunteering for sustainable community developments and peace work for over 15 years. Jutta Schwengsbier alone, dedicated 20 years in the South Sudan region. She has been an expert for the Society for Threatened Peoples International (STPI) in Africa for many years, and is a well-known correspondent for the South-Sudan. Mirko Schwanitz founded the most successful charity organisation for orphaned children in Bulgaria and is a recognized expert when it comes to sustainable projects for several countries in South-East Europe. Why not connect experts, knowledge, and established networks?

Training as cook

Bigent – our company addresses the most important fields in a non-profit organization: education, health, and development.
We can provide knowledgeable expertise in these three key areas to help develop educational concepts and projects, as well as engage in international and educational exchange starting from school to vocational training.

Our areas of focus:

  • Education

    Dual vocational training opportunities for socially disadvantaged groups and minorities in East and South-East Europe

  • Health

    Projects related to health education and the development of health services in suburban regions in Africa

  • Development

    Projects for the improvement and development of municipal infrastructures in Eastern Europe and Africa involving non-governmental actors