Music instead of street – classical music helps Roma children out of poverty

Bulgaria: The project “Music instead of streets” shows Roma children and their families a way out of poverty – with the help of Beats and Beethoven, with the help of classical music.

“I’m a gypsy and I’m proud of it.”

Music instead of street “was founded by Maria Hauschild and the Romamusician Georgi Kalaidjiev, one of the best violinists in the world.He can only start with the term Roma for a few. “I’m a gypsy,” he says of himself. “And I’m proud of it. But in the music world, it doesn’t matter where you come from. ” Kalaidjiev played with the the most famous Bulgarian chamber ensemble, the “Sofia Chamber Orchestra” in the Carnegie Hall New York, the Royal Albert Hall London, Opera House Sydney, the “Gewandhaus” in Leipzig. He worked with Nigel Kennedy and recorded film music for Ennio Morricone.

For the first time in Europe, Roma girls can also dream of becoming a violinist

When Maria Hauschild and Georgi Kalaidjiev visited the Romaghetto in Kalaidjiev’s hometown of Sliven in 2009, they were so shocked by the hopelessness of the children, that they decided to help. Together they founded a music school, where today 30 children receive classical music lessons. Maria Hauschild’s experience:”The children change when they learn piano, violin and classical guitar” And Georgi adds:”The encounter with Mozart, Bach and Beethoven also changes their parents.”With the support of outstanding music teachers, all of whom are musicians in the Sliwener Symphony Orchestra themselves, six of the project’s students have already passed the entrance examinations at the country’s best music grammar schools. For the first time in Europe, Roman girls can also dream of becoming a violinist.

Make a donation! So that a library ruin can become a music shool for poor Roma children

But the kids still have to rehearse in a converted garage,”says Maria Hauschild. The reason: neither the city nor the government of Bulgaria supports the project. Together with Georgi Kalaidjiev, she dreams of reconstructing an old, dilapidated library in the district. Here, modern rehearsal rooms are to be created. There should also be a small stage for events. Then the project’s small youth orchestra would finally have a reasonable place to rehearse,” says Maria. “And the neighbourhood would be given an educational and cultural centre at the same time,” Georgi adds.Help is urgently needed! Around 26,000 euros are still needed for this purpose. Every support helps!

250 Euro

The following donations are needed for the realization of the project:

  • 25,650 euros for the conversion of a dilapidated library into a music school

  • 4000 Euro roof renovation of the library ruins to be reconstructed

  • 6000 Euro internal renovation of the library ruin

  • 1,380 euros sponsorship the six best students

  • 1.870 Euro rent for current classroom 2018

  • 4000 Euro purchase and repair of musical instruments

  • 4400 Euro Salaries Music Teachers Year 2018